Considering Giving Up Sugar? 6 Things That Will Happen to Your Body

Sugar. It tastes so good, but we tend to overdo it.

And it’s not just candy. Sugar is hiding in other things like soda, barbeque sauce, yogurt, takeout food, even pasta sauce.

Yes, sugar is everywhere. And many of us have become addicted to the stuff. If you have ever considered, even for a moment, giving up sugar … listen up. Here are 6 things that will happen to your body if you do.

Your heart health gets better. Didn’t know sugar affected your heart did you? According to this research, sugar raises insulin levels which in turn activates your sympathetic nervous system, increases blood pressure and elevates your heart. By cutting out sugar, you will start to see eight decrease in bad cholesterol and a lowered blood pressure.

Your skin will clear up. If you’re suffering from acne and can’t figure out why, sugar just might be the cause. Sugar is a known cause of inflammation, and acne is just one way inflammation presents itself. Googling “cut out sugar clear skin” brings up a bunch of stories of people cutting out processed sugar and finally achieving clear skin.

You will sleep like a baby. And stay awake when you’re supposed to. If you’re prone to mid-day tiredness, it could be from all the sugar you are eating. Sugar high in the morning often leaves you crashing down by midafternoon. Also sugar tends to trigger the stress hormone called cortisol, which affects your sleep patterns. Giving up sugar should help you stay awake during the day, fall asleep the easier at night and stay asleep till morning.

You will lose weight. Too much sugar can cause insulin resistance, which tells our bodies to store any extra fat and slow down the metabolism. Not good if you’re trying to lose weight. Luckily, just by cutting out sugar, you can balance your insulin hormones, resulting in increased weight loss.

You will stop craving sweets. Sugar has been shown to be even more addicting than cocaine. So it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise to find that that cutting out the sugar means you’ll stop craving them. But be warned, with the addictiveness of the sweet stuff, it’s not always easy to quit.

You’ll remember things better. According to this study, too much can hinder cognitive recognition and brain function. What’s more, eating too much sugar over time may actually damage the communication between brain cells.

Yes, sugar affects your body in more ways than giving you a crazy sugar rush. While you may think that quitting sugar is impossible, by completely cutting out sugar you would gain so much more than you would lose.



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