What is Gelatin and Why You Should Be Eating It

gold-bear-318359_640In the recent years, gelatin has gone from the thing in Jello, to a full dietary supplement.

It is something that was often found in traditional diets, but is very scarce in our modern diets. It also contains many health benefits. But what is gelatin?

What is Gelatin?

Well, explaining gelatin actually starts with explaining collagen. Collagen is a protein found in our skin, connective tissue and bones. In our animal meat, collagen is found in the same places: skin, connective tissues and bones, the parts we typically no longer eat.

If we do consume these portions, we don’t eat them raw. And gelatin is formed when we cook collagen.

Benefits of Eating Gelatin

You may be wondering why we’re talking about eating the connective tissue and bones of animals.

The answer is: because it comes with a ton of health benefits. Among them:

Gelatin can help heal your gut. Gelatin has been shown to increase digestive strength. This is especially important if you have or suspect you have a leaky gut. It can enhance gastric secretions and help repaid the mucosal lining.

It helps keep your skin healthy. Gelatin contains glycine and proline, amino acids that our body uses to make collagen, one of the most important elements of our skin. As we age, we make less and less collagen, so getting more through our diet can help our skin stay healthy and beautiful.

Gelatin is good for our joints. There’s a reason why bodybuilders often take gelatin to help reduce inflammation and improve their joints. Research has shown that taking hydrolyzed collagen reduces joint pain and can help improve performance for athletes.

It can help you sleep better. The glycine found in gelatin has been shown to help with sleep. According to this study, 3 grams of glycine before bed produced improvement in sleep quality in participants.

Gelatin can help tighten skin. You know all those expensive creams that contain collagen? Since collagen is what connects our tissues, it can help keep our skin nice and taut. When ingested, gelatin can help tighten lose skin, and may even improve cellulite.

How to Get More Gelatin in Your Diet

To incorporate more gelatin into your diet, start by eating more parts of the animal. You can eat the skin and use the bones to make your own broth.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can take a gelatin supplement in the form of a powder. This powder can be added to meals, snacks, shakes and desserts.

The use of gelatin as a dietary supplement is becoming more and more mainstream as people learn more about the benefits of ingesting it. If you are interested in adding gelatin to your diet, you can start with bone broth or even a powdered supplement.





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