Calorie Comparison Between Avocado and Other Fruits

appetite-1239056_1280You already know the health benefits of eating avocados. They’re packed full of healthy fats, nutrients and vitamins.

But there also known for their high calorie content. While the benefits of eating avocados far outweigh the cons, we wanted to know just how does avocado compared to other fruits. Take a look.

Avocado vs. Banana

A single 100 gram serving of avocado contains 160 calories, while the same serving size of banana has 95 calories. Not a huge difference, but let’s look at the nutrition.

Avocados do have less carbs, at 1 gram to banana’s 22 grams.  It also contains more fiber, more protein and less sugar.

Avocado vs. Apple

In this face off, avocado does clock in at a much higher calorie count, with apple containing just 52 calories.

However, the carb and sugar content is much higher in apples. Apples contain 13 grams of carbs, compared to avocado’s 1 gram, and 10 grams of sugar to avocado’s 0.7 grams. Avocado does contain more fiber and protein than an apple.

Avocado vs. Coconut

Like avocados, coconuts are often praised for their healthy fat content. But how do they compare to avocados as far as calories and nutrition? A single, 100 gram serving of fresh coconut contains 354 calories, more than double the amount that avocado has.

When it comes to nutrition, coconut also contains far more carbs than avocado, containing about 24 grams per serving. Coconut does, however, exceed avocado in fiber and protein content. It also has a bit more sugar, but at 6 grams per serving, it’s not a high amount.

Avocado vs. Mango

Like apple, fresh mango comes in with a low calorie count: just 60 calories. But avocado knocks mangoes out of the park in just about every other category. Avocados are higher in fiber and protein, and lower in sugar and carbohydrates. They are also higher in just about every other vitamin except for vitamin A and C. Avocados come out ahead when it comes to all the B vitamins, as well as minerals like potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium.

A healthy diet is a balance of carbs, fat and protein, and avocados can provide just that. Avocado has less calories than some fruits, and more than others, but it is still a great addition to any diet.

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